Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bye my old friend....

See ya, chica psicótica. At least you are soooooo close to me :)
Thank you Pak!!!

O'Malley (Custom PD2E - from my personal collection - now belongs to Pakitroki)

And July's at home

Yes, July has arrived (finally....) to her new home. Please little bird, be very very happy. I now you will be LOVED.
Thank you so much to her new (and beloved) daddy!

July Ly (custom FruPu - from mypersonal collection - now belongs to Ismael)

Supernenek,Corderilla and Quela, Thank you!

Waaaah I didn't update my site for so long. So sorry, hard times for me.....
Little Miss Mokka, Little Miss Geek and Little Miss Thelma ready to go!!!!!!
Hope you like them :)

Thelma (Custom STA for Carmen)

Geek (Custom MLC for Supernenek, scar, "evilish" smile, dyed hair)

Mokka (custom AA Blythe for Quela)