Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aw, poor blog!!!!

Hi everybody!!!

I'm a lazy dog. I haven't updated my blog for months, almost a year!!!!!!!! I was so busy with my official website: You will find there how to get a custom blythe made by me. New free spots for this year 2011, please contact me if interested.

I'm uploading pictures of my last works, I really hope you like them!!!!!!!!
Please have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!

NINA - Custom Baby's Breath. Now for sale. Available information on Blythe Kingdom and VDP

LYNN - Custom My Little Candy. Adopted by Samuel

JENNY - Custom comission for Katsparkles

MLC - Customized My Little Candy. Comission for Licia

DRAMA - Custom Disco Boogie Vampire. Adopted by Junqui

EDELWEISS - Custom comission for Conxa

EIJA - Custom Primadolly Paris. Adopted by Tiffiny

DEIRDRE - Custom vampire. Adopted by Sylviecoladolls)

CALI - Custom Hello Harvest. Adopted by Sharon

LOLA - Customized African American Blythe. Custom comission for Elena

SOLARIS - Custom comission for Polly

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy new year (LOL!!!!)

I haven't updated my blog for soooooooo long. But don't be hard with me, I'm working on a REAL website. I think it could be online in a month or so. I really hope you like it. It will be a complete portfolio about my work (graphic design, photography and custom Blythes) so it is taking a lot of time!

Please remember to check the waiting list to make your order. Now the next free spot is on July (I've gotta reserve whole June for a "black" Blythe order).

I would like to introduce to you this two little girls that are with their moms yet.
Thank you for your continuous support!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Elvira (custom PDSaffy, belongs to Jimena58)

Ebony (I don't know her name yet :D, belongs to black_is_black)