Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aw, poor blog!!!!

Hi everybody!!!

I'm a lazy dog. I haven't updated my blog for months, almost a year!!!!!!!! I was so busy with my official website: You will find there how to get a custom blythe made by me. New free spots for this year 2011, please contact me if interested.

I'm uploading pictures of my last works, I really hope you like them!!!!!!!!
Please have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!

NINA - Custom Baby's Breath. Now for sale. Available information on Blythe Kingdom and VDP

LYNN - Custom My Little Candy. Adopted by Samuel

JENNY - Custom comission for Katsparkles

MLC - Customized My Little Candy. Comission for Licia

DRAMA - Custom Disco Boogie Vampire. Adopted by Junqui

EDELWEISS - Custom comission for Conxa

EIJA - Custom Primadolly Paris. Adopted by Tiffiny

DEIRDRE - Custom vampire. Adopted by Sylviecoladolls)

CALI - Custom Hello Harvest. Adopted by Sharon

LOLA - Customized African American Blythe. Custom comission for Elena

SOLARIS - Custom comission for Polly

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