Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Miss Mela!!!! Adopted! Thank you!

Hi there friends!!!!

Here I come with my most recent custom girl, the first one finished in this new year Smile

She's the sweet Mela (means "apple" in Italian). Here you have some pics (you can find additional pics in my Flickrstream):


- She's a FBL girl purchased new to customize her
- Her scalp is hand dyed in an amazing green tone and light haircut
- Lips, nose and phyltrum carving
- Eyeshadow made in two tones of green + sparkly silver
- Eyelids art + sparkly silver
- Boggled eyes, gaze correction, sleepy eyes (new pullring)
- 4 pairs of new eyechips and new eyelashes
- Make-up made with HQ chalk pastels. MSC fixed and protected
- She will be sent nude in her original box + shipper + stand

Thank you!!!!!!