Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't like to write about me....

....because there's no much to say. I'm in Blythe world since Jan. 2007.
I've customized more than 30 blythes and I offer my custom services to everybody who needs my help to make a dreamed doll come true.
Please take a look at my work as a point of reference. If you have any question, doubt or request, please let me know here
I'm working on an price list. This will be online ASAP, please be patient ^_^

Things you should know:
  • I'm not a copycat, so please don't ask me to copy a doll from another customizer.
  • What you see in pictures are real dolls. Photoshop adjustments may be done to improve color or light, but there isn't any important filter or effect.
  • All the dolls will be sent by EMS (no exceptions). Please check the shipping rates to your country at
  • I don't make PBP reroots.
  • I don't make outfits
  • I'm open to make your dreamed Blythe, please don't be shy :)
  • I use HQ materials.
  • I always use Pure Neemo bodies to make African American custom Blythes. But you can send me a tanned licca body if you have one. This will decrease a lot the final price ;)
  • It's not mandatory to send me the chips, hair and eyelashes. I can buy this stuff for you, but please note that it will take more time to receive the necessary items to finish the doll.
  • I don't charge VAT or any additional taxes (final price will include Paypal %). I can send you an invoice just for info purposes.
  • I don't sign my dolls if you don't request it. But I will include a Certify of Authenticity signed by me (this is a kind of souvenir, not a vain impulse *_*)