Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Miss Connor has been adopted. Thank you Kathy.

Hi there everybody.

Well, I think bluehaireds aren't for me. This was MY own AB. I've customized others ABs and SSS in the past and they just don't wanna stay here. So here's another blued beauty to catch :)

- She's a brand new Asian Butterfly EBL customized by me
- Complete carved: phyltrum, lips, nose and chin
- 4 new pairs of eyechips (2 of them foiled with realistic pupils designed and printed by me)
- Eyeshadow in 2 shades of blue + silver sparkles
- Art eyelids with plaid fabric matching her color scheme
- Ultra blushed, ultra freckled :D
- New feathery eyelashes
- Boggled eyes, gaze corrected
- Stock hairs, no cuts or fixes
- She was a nightmare to descalp, so there's a small mark but isn't noticeable under her bangs ;)
- She's in a licca body, but I can bring her back stock one if you want
- She'll travel nude in a Blythe box

Boring part:
- I accept paypal as a gift or + 5% paypal fees
- She'll include an original picture of her signed and titled by me

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