Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A picture speaks a thousand words.... there are the girls:

RIMBAUD - Custom PD1A. Wefted straight mohair. Lip carving contribution by Poorsailor.

JARA - Custom ADG. Hand dyed dark green mohair. Acrylic eyes. Wool coat by pakitroki

ZIVA - Custom Mod Molly (belongs to gataybrujo).

TARARA - Rescued Disco Boogie. Mohair PBP (knot method). Hand made dress by frenchpants

LADY CHESHIRE - custom Enchanted Petal (sold on Ebay, she's living in Australia)


  1. y me das crédito por la chaqueta! ^___^
    pero que pabísima que eres!!!
    (no hay nena que me alegre más que lleve algo hecho por mi, ya lo sabes!)

  2. Al César lo que es del César mai lof :)